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Woman by the Water

I survived because


 me burned

BRIGHTER than the

fire around me....

but what do I do now?



If you are someone who has come to the other side of abuse, trauma or a difficult situation, but still find yourself stuck unable to move forward in life from it, than I am the Counsellor/Life Coach for you. 

Girl, you already had the fire within to get through it, you most definitely have within you what it takes to heal from it, to move forward from it, and to live the

life you deserve.

I Believe You Are.. 


A Shining Star

So Courageous


A survivor of what you thought would break you!


A Warrior who will transform your past pain into power!

Using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Life Coaching methodology,

and key resources my goal is to help you: 

• Rise above your circumstances


• Say NO to being a victim of your past


• Move past grief and loss


• Avoid further toxic relationships


• Transform negative self-beliefs


• Restore your healthy body image and self-love


• Set healthy boundaries

The truth is,

ALL YOU NEED is someone who 


A LIGHT on all the POWER YOU

HAVE WITHIN so you can...


When we work together, you become part of my tribe.


This is a safe place.


There is no judgment.


It is a sanctuary. 


You can just be.

Take my hand and let me provide you with the keys to unlock a life filled with hope, trust, and safe boundaries. It’s time to awaken the power within you and to rule your “kingdom” once more!

Let's Get Started!

Professional Counselling (CBT)

Let's look at CBT in its simplest form: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is a successful counselling method with a proven track record in aiding the recovery of those who suffer with psychological or emotional problems.  

  • Cognitive relates to the mental processesing of events/perceptions

  • Behavioural is the damaging behaviours or actions used as a result of negative thinking patterned mental processing.

  • Therapy simply means the approach used to combat problems or conditions

  • CBT works by increasing healthier thinking patterns and actions, so that clients can begin to enjoy life and to live more productively

  • An arsenal of tools used that can be used to define emotional and behavioural problems

  • Creation of positive goals in a way that can then address damaging behaviours.

  • The onus of success/action is on the individual and the client leads the pace, direction and outcomes.


Perception Re-framing Therapy

Are what you KNOW you should do, and your ACTIONS just not aligning no matter how hard you try? For example: you know you should eat that salad, yet you eat a chocolate bar instead.


I use perception re-framing techniques to synchronize the left (logic) and right (emotion) brain hemispheres to help you get yourself into ALIGNMENT.


Getting both sides of the brain working together instead of against each other to easily overcome poor habits, negative self-talk, PTSD triggers, etc....

There are many ways to do this including bio-feedback, drumming, and specific meditation techniques.

I incorporate this into all of our work on some level.


Together we create a road map to take you from where you are to where you want to be.

We don't have to drudge up all of your old wounds or memories.


We touch on what comes up naturally through the process, and when you are ready, we re-frame what we need to so you can get past being stuck. 


We set goals, action steps, and I support you every step of the way.

At the beginning of a series, we discover and set truly heart‐centered goals, then during each of our bi-weekly session we set clear actions in which you work on over the next two weeks.

As your coach, I provide expert, structured support every step of the way, encouraging, empowering, and nurturing you on your journey.

Pink Wall Photoshoot

Art Therapy

The use of artistic methods to treat psychological disorders and enhance mental health is known as art therapy. Art therapy is a technique rooted in the idea that creative expression can foster healing and mental well-being.

The goal of art therapy is to utilize the creative process to help people explore self-expression and, in doing so, find new ways to gain personal insight and develop new coping skills.

The creation or appreciation of art is used to help people explore emotions, develop self-awareness, cope with stress, boost self-esteem, and work on social skills.

Techniques used in art therapy can include:

  • Collages

  • Coloring

  • Doodling and scribbling

  • Drawing

  • Finger painting

  • Painting


Less than an hour of creative activity can reduce your stress and have a positive effect on your mental health, regardless of artistic experience or talent.

Work With Me

Counselling/Life Coaching

  • Personal Sessions as Needed

  • 6-12 biweekly sessions are recommended

  • Goal Setting

  • Personalized Goal Plan

  • Healthy Relationship Strategies

  • Confidence Building Essentials

  • Boundary Setting

  • Problem Solving Tools

  • Life Skills

  • Creating Life Balance

  • Sustainable Results

  • Mindset  Mastery Training

  • Individualized Attention

  • Zoom Session

  • Comfort and Convenience of Home

  • Email Support Between Sessions


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