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I am so excited you are ready to truly shine both inside and out!

This journey is about more than being someone new or getting that dream guy, it is about truly seeing yourself for the beautiful person you already have inside of you and learning how to lovingly take care of the miraculous person you are, and letting that all shine through how you show up on the outside!

Certified Health and Life Coach
Professional Counsellor (CBT) 

Amara Prince

I am someone who personally struggled with distorted body image, lacked self-esteem, and hated on my body for years. 

As a counsellor and life coach, the concept that I am a whole being really came into focus for me on my personal journey with health problems and I am now bringing both physical health and emotional health together in my practice.


They truly go hand in hand.

So let's work on all those faulty beliefs holding you back from the life that represents your highest self. 

For many years I have struggled with Lyme's disease and the ripple effect of it combined with stress, trauma, and poor eating habits have now evolved into hypothyroidism, chronic fatigue/pain, fibromyalgia, and an autoimmune disease...lupus.

This has helped me understand that living healthy isn't always about losing weight and being crazy skinny, it is about treating your body like royalty and being compassionate to it as it naturally becomes exactly what it needs to be for where you are at in life. 

This led me on a health journey and inspired me to add to my training in a way I had not ever thought I would.


I work with clients on healthy relationship strategies and moving forward from trauma and abuse now on an even deeper, more profound, and all encompassing way.


My own personal growth journey of overcoming abusive relationships, low self-esteem, and PTSD combined with my training has given me a unique understanding and empathy for many areas of life's struggles and to truly connect with my clients in the ways they really need.

I have both life knowledge and textbook knowledge, which has made my ability to work with clients one that is heart-based, intuitive, and masterful. 

My Credentials

Certificates and Licensing
  • Principality Life Coaching Owner Since Jan 2017

  • Professional Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Counselling Diploma

  • Internationally Certified B.Y.C.A Life Coach

  • Certified Health Coach

  • Licensed Zyto Evox Perception Reframing Practitioner

  • Licensed Hairstylist/Esthetician

  • Hobby Photographer

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Sessions Anywhere, Anytime!

I have decided to move my office to be home-based so I can take care of the balance I need for my health, family, and clients. 

Counselling/Life Coaching Sessions are held via zoom.

You can book your appointments online using my virtual booking calendar or contact me via the contact form below.


Please allow 24 hours' notice for cancellations so others can utilize the time. 

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