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I am so excited you are ready to truly shine both inside and out!

This journey is about truly seeing yourself for the beautiful person you already have inside of you, learning how to lovingly take care of the miraculous person you are, and letting that all shine through how you show up on the outside!


I am someone who personally struggled with toxic/abusive relationships which led to a distorted body image, lacking self-esteem, and hated myself for years. 

I struggled with the physical, mental and emotional impacts this caused and the ripple effect of it combined with stress, trauma, and poor eating habits have now evolved into hypothyroidism, chronic fatigue/pain, fibromyalgia, and an autoimmune disease...lupus.

This has helped me understand that living healthy isn't always about slapping on a pair of rose-colored glasses or losing is about treating your entire self like royalty and being self-compassionate as you come home to yourself.

This led me on a health journey and inspired me to add to my training in a way I had not ever thought I would.


I work with clients on healthy relationship strategies and moving forward from trauma and abuse in an even deeper, more profound, all-encompassing way.


My own personal growth journey of overcoming abusive relationships, low self-esteem, and PTSD combined with my training has given me a unique understanding and empathy for many areas of life's struggles and to truly connect with my clients in the ways they truly need.

I have both life experience matched with textbook knowledge, which has made my ability to work with clients one that is heart-based, intuitive, and masterful. 

This has also fueled my passion to work preventatively with children so that they have all the tools in their belt that will give them the resiliency, strength and self-compassion to create social and emotional regulation skills early on and set them up for success from the start. 

Emotional ABC's is an award-winning program for children ages 4-11 that I have incorporated into my services to help parents and their children have the best start together. 

My Credentials

  • Principality Life Coaching Owner Since Jan 2017

  • BYCA Certified Life Coach

  • Professional Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Counselling Diploma

  • CTAA accredited



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