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Your life is your Kingdom...

are you ready to learn how to rule it?


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Health and Well-being

Do You Feel...

• The desire to live a fuller life?


• A longing to rediscover that vibrant, fun, passionate person you once were?


• Like you can’t move past the triggers of your past and your inner mean girl/guy?


• Like you keep getting back into the same kinds of relationships?


• Compelled to rescue the world, at the expense of your own well-being?


• Like you want to be brave?


• Like you deserve to be seen and heard?


• That if you were ‘perfect’ you would be enough?


• Like you are disoriented and your partner’s lies have blurred reality?


• A longing for real direction?


• The craving to feel alive and connected again?


• Like you forgot what it’s like to have joy?


• To stop having an inner battle with your logic and the actions you take?


Are You...

• Post-trauma, ready to rebuild and RULE your life, 




• Healing following a separation or divorce?



• Still having effects from a past history of relationship control, abuse, or a former partner of a sex addict?



• Trying to move forward in a new relationship and wanting to establish a healthy relationship between you?



• Ready to stop blaming and to start owning and living your best life so that you are your best self?



• Struggling with a toxic relationship with yourself: low self-esteem, negative thinking patterns, or a lost sense of self?


• Looking for a new career path, direction, or fulfillment?


• Stuck on how to get succeed more fully in your current career?


  • Certified Beautiful You Life Coach

  • Licensed Zyto Perception Re-framing Therapist (EPR)

  • Principality Life Coaching: Owner

  • 2017-2018 Beautiful You Coaching Academy "Emerging Coach of the Year " Finalist achieved during my first year as a Life Coach!

About Me

Amara Prince

I am a Life Coach and Perception Re-framing Therapist who specializes in helping you shift the cognitive distortions you live by from a negative one to a positive one and help you to live a resilient life.


I am the owner of Principality Life Coaching. I base my life coaching practice from Apple Wellness Center's Medical Clinic in Airdrie, AB Canada. 


I am here to support individuals who feel stuck in life and experience unhealthy relationships with themselves and others so they can shift into a life of well-being, self-discovery/belief, live confidently, become empowered, and shine once more. It is my belief that the most unhealthy relationship we have tends to be the one with ourselves and we don't even realize it. When you start here and shift this, everything and everyone else in your life tend to shift positively with it.

I Believe You Are..



A Shining Star

So Courageous


A survivor of what you thought would break you!


A Warrior who will transform your past pain into power!

Using Life Coaching methodology, Zyto Evox Bio-communication technology, and key resources my goal is to help you:

• Rise above your circumstances


• Say NO to being a victim of your past


• Move through grief and loss


• Avoid further toxic relationships


• Transform negative self-beliefs


• Restore your healthy body image and self-love


• Set healthy boundaries

Highly Trained

Internationally Certified Life Coach through, ICF accredited, Beautiful You Coaching Academy located in Australia. A licensed Evox Perception Re-framing Therapist, a"BYCA Emerging Coach of The Year" finalist in my first year of Life Coaching.






I provide coaching in a series of 6 sessions held bi-weekly over a three-month period at a time to give you optimal results, and to feel you are supported along your journey. After this period of time, we re-evaluate and see what is the next best plan for you moving forward.



Booking Appointments

I provide you with a secure and private online booking calendar where you can go online and book yourself an appointment or you can contact me directly. An email reminder is automatically sent to you prior to your appointment.






My goal is to provide you with the tools, confidence, and goals that will create a beautiful resilient life. Life can be difficult, challenges can arise, and learning resiliency helps you get on your feet a lot faster and with as little devastation as possible.




I provide a complimentary 60-minute session so you can meet me and make sure we are a good team, and to come up with a personalized plan for you that feels right before ever dropping a dime. 






Payments are made at the time of your appointment via debit or credit. My services may be covered by some health benefits. Because my rates are substantially less than most counselors or psychologists this will save you more than benefits would cover.  Resources and email support between sessions are included when working with me. You are not left to your own devices between sessions.

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4 Healthy Alternatives for A Busy  Stressed out Life

What is

Perception Reframing

We can get stuck in a faulty/limited mindset or belief system about ourselves and those we engage with based on the perceptions or cognitive distortions we have gained through difficult experiences which can prevent us from living our best life.


I help clients discover a whole new way of seeing themselves through a specialized combination of life coaching techniques and Evox Biocommunication technology. With my coaching method, it is possible to quickly and painlessly shift, or reframe how you approach difficult situations.

Perception reframing allows for a more mature or functional approach and can be used to improve any aspect of your performance where you might otherwise feel stuck or battling with logic vs your actions. My clients have reported positive impacts on various aspects of their life, including:


  • Personal Health

  • Interpersonal Relationships

  • Confidence

  • Emotional Wellbeing

  • Addictions

  • Trauma


Katrina Witham, Client

"It has been transformational not only for me, but for my relationship, and my family."

Janice Williams, Client

"Amara has a way of asking questions that allow you to see yourself in a positive, hopeful way that you couldn't on your own. Setting feeling based goals to move towards,  fully supported along the way, completely changed my life."

Janelle Wright, Client

“I feel powerful because I'm in control of how I feel and I'm in tune with what is going on in my mind and in my heart. "






I own Principality Life Coaching which is based in Apple Wellness Center's Medical Clinic.


I believe you should feel absolutely cared for, pampered, and leave each session feeling rejuvenated, filled up ready to tackle life again, fully empowered and charged up!

A Sanctuary

We have created a unique wellness experience unlike any other.


I have created a cozy sanctuary with an industrial-chic look where you instantly feel safe, at home, and ready to relax and re-charge the second you walk in.

empower you with the tools you need so you can live the life you deserve.





Perception Re-framing

Included in 1:1 sessions

Are what you KNOW you should do, and your ACTIONS just not aligning no matter how hard you try? I use perception re-framing techniques to synchronize the left and right brain hemispheres to help you get yourself into ALIGNMENT and easily overcoming poor habits, negative self-talk, PTSD symptoms, etc....

1:1 Life Coaching Sessions

Supported the Entire Way

Together we create a road map to take you from where you are to where you want to be.

We don't have to drudge up all of your old wounds.


We touch on what comes up naturally through the process, re-frame what we need to so you can get past being stuck. We set goals, action steps, and I support you every step of the way.... 

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Serenity, Courage, Authenticity

When we work together, you become part of my tribe.
Principality Life Coaching is a safe place. There is no judgment. It is a sanctuary.

You can just be.

Take my hand and let me provide you with the keys to unlock a life filled with hope,
trust, and safe boundaries. It’s time to awaken the power within you and

rule your “kingdom” once more!

Currently, during this Corona Virus Crisis I am still booking sessions via video chat using zoom, skype or facetime only.


All in-person sessions are on hold until further notice. 

To assist with the financial burden placed on individuals, and to allow an opportunity to still receive emotional support during this difficult time I am offering my services at a significantly reduced rate of $25/session. ($129.99 reg). I feel everyone should be able to have access to support in difficult times and am doing what I can to help that happen.

Serenity, Courage, Authenticity


Principality Life Coaching


Currently, all sessions are held via Cliniko's Professional and Secure Video Conference Platform.

By appointment only.


© 2016 Principality Life Coaching. 

All information submitted is confidential.