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B.YOU.T.LICIOUS Inside & Out Wellness Group Coaching Program: Don't Miss Out on This Steal of a Deal

Every once in a while a deal comes along that you can’t refuse. And lucky for you, today is that day!

I am offering clients a spot in my new 12 week Mind and Body Wellness Coaching Program:

Here’s what the offer includes:

  • 12 Weekly, 1/2-1 hour zoom group coaching sessions with me and 4-5 other women starting Tuesday, May 25, 2021 @ 1pm or 6pm (additional dates as can be arranged)

  • Weekly zoom sessions will include education on mindset, meditation, healthy eating, boundary setting, self-acceptance etc. and motivation and encouragement

  • Access to my personally designed tracking and wellness program app

  • Daily prompts for your fitness, mindfulness and nutrition actions with videos

  • 30 page B.YOU.T.LICOUS recipe ebook

  • Personalized nutrition report for your success including calorie intake and macros and how to meet your goals

  • In app chat support with me anytime for accountability and connection

  • Biohacks on how to make the most out of your routines

  • Confidence building mindset hacks

  • Beauty tips and tricks

  • Connection

  • 15 minute workout videos 3x a week with big results,

  • A program especially for women to understand the way your body works now and going forward for best results

  • Support your mind, bodey soul health goals every step of the way

  • Radiate your beauty from the inside out!


Why am I offering such a special deal?

Simple: I value you as a client and my beta groups are complete and the program is ready to roll!

The value of this package is well over $420 and I am offering it to you for $12.95/week for 12 weeks.

See if any of this sounds familiar: •

  • You want to a healthier physically, mentally, and emotionally, but every time you try it doesn’t work out because you don't have the time, accountability or motivation

  • You want to have more confidence and a better outlook on yourself and life

  • You want to create healthier relationships with yourself and others

  • You want to learn how to find balance in a hectic life

  • You want to learn how to set boundaries guilt free

  • You want to learn how to meditate in a way that works for you

  • You feel like you’ve tried alot of the other solutions on the market, but for one reason or another you’re not happy with the results you’ve received from any of them

  • Going to the gym isn't happening right now because of covid restrictions

  • You don’t want to spend an arm and a leg to get the training and support you need

  • You want something that is quick and easy to follow

  • You are craving connection and real authentic conversation in a positive environment with other women who are also trying to be their best self

If you can relate to any of this and have loved working with me in the past, then I can guarantee you’re going to love the program I have come up with for you!

If you are interested in joining me in this program please let me know by May 21, 2021

like I said I am only offering this to aselect # of people!

You can take advantage of this offer right now by emailing me so I can set up your profile in the app and get the groups organized or click here .

To claim your spot before they’re all gone!

Email Me If I Can Count You In!

You can take advantage of this offer right now by emailing me so I can set up your profile in the app and get the groups organized or click here .



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