November 11, 2019

November 6, 2019

November 6, 2019

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Covid-19: The Universe's "Hard Reboot" for Your Life

April 21, 2020

How to Level Up When All You Feel is Stuck at Home! 


Covid-19 has many of us feeling stuck in a rut...stuck at home in a holding pattern...literally. It leaves many with the impending question of when will normal life resume again.


The reality is we have unplugged from a level of living on a global scale, and are now in what is called a "static state". The "void" or "in between" place between one level of being and the next level up. It is where you get to shed yourself of any remaining faulty beliefs or negative habits left from the old way of being that you need to refine you for leveling up to a higher state of being. It is important to know that once you have reached the "static state" you as an individual, or us as a globe in this case, have changed so much that there is no going back to the old way of being.... we literally don't fit into that space any longer. It would be like trying to stick a chicken back into it's shell because we think that's the way it is best. 


There are very few times in history this happens on a global scale, though it happens personally in people's lives all the time. The more individuals figure this out the faster we as a globe will shift into the next level of being as a humanity. The good news is that the more of us that make a positive shift with it the better the outcome will be globally.


It is important to remember that life isn't about conquering, it is about learning to navigate through those halts in a positive way. Everything is transitional, and will not last. It is a universal law. This moment of being "stuck" in your house will not last! How you view it and what you do with it will make all the difference. 


It is times like this I want you to remember that you are power in motion! Do not let this experience stifle your strength. You have the power within you to show up everyday in bliss and contentment. To use every moment as a gift of time. Change will always come, it is just learning to prepare, make way for the new,  and embracing it. 


"Static State" Affirmation Meditation to use in your "I am that I am app"

As promised, I have included an free meditation to help you maintain a positive mindset. Record each statement into the app and listen to it 1-2 times per day. Feel free to adjust the statements to fit your personal situation and way of thinking. 


1) It is safe to sit with myself, my thoughts, and all my emotions as I feel them, honour them, and then positively re-frame them.


2) Not knowing what to expect is good as it creates room for creativity, autonomy and for me to challenge the ways I have been programmed from outside of myself.


3) This is a time for me to journey inward and really see what the next level of being for myself is.


4) There is something very important for me to learn during this "static state" and I am opening my consciousness up to seeing it clearly. I am undergoing a powerful transformation and I trust the process. 


5) I am using my abundance of time to be creative, innovative, to learn the things I have wanted to for a long time, to adapt to the changes in the technological economy coming, to rest my body and mind as needed, and to connect in very real and meaningful ways. 


6) I am open to the abundance the universe is prepared to pour out upon me now and going forward. I have enough for my needs. The food and money I have are expanding continuously. I have more than enough.