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November 11, 2019

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November 6, 2019

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Toxic Relationship Stress and It's Affect on Your Body

April 14, 2017


Living with toxic relationships and constant stress have a direct impact on your health, your body, and your mental well-being. Many of my clients struggle with chronic illness, pain, digestion issues, and migraines. They give to everyone else and never for themselves.  They have a high state of stress and are in a constant state of "fight or flight" hormones raging as a safety mechanism. Does this sound like you?


I can relate! After being in toxic relationships most of my life I started having autoimmune disorders as a teenager, and it only amplified over the years. Currently doctors are trying to determine if I have MS or Fibromyalgia, but are still left unsure. I can't digest much of anything. I am nutrient deficient. I have gained weight the past couple of years, deal with chronic full body pain, and migraines. Medication is helping, but getting back to all encompassing health has taught me so much about where this is all originating from, and the affects that toxic relationships have put on me mentally, physically, and emotionally. It's become an all encompassing journey to wholeness. I felt sharing Colton's insights might help some of you as well!


Colton Fortner is a Certified Health, and Personal Trainer who not only educates his clients about changing your food and exercise, but getting to the root of WHY their health is the way it is and to move into a balanced state of well-being. 


Colton is the founder of Balance Health and Wellness. He is known for teaching his clients how to deal with stress, weight management, re-wiring your brain with habit change, and his "move it or lose it" exercise program. He is teaching an 8 week seminar at the Fitness Table in Calgary very soon to delve deeper into the following topics:


  • Water Consumption and Nutrition absorption

  • The effects of stress on the body

  • Brain fog, fatigue, and sleep deprivation

  • What to eat, When to Eat, and How to Eat

  • The impact of breathing, stretching and exercise

  • Chronic illness and chemical imbalances

  • How immune system works and how to strengthen it

  • The importance of supplementing today

In our interview we touched on what the affects of stress on the body are and one of the easiest remedies, and how to start to de-stress.


The first crucial step is to take care of yourself first, then everyone else. He likened it to the airplane emergency procedure where they advise you to put your own oxygen mask on first before assisting children or others with theirs. You are no good to anyone if you are knocked out.


The thing he says he will always go back to, is filling yourself with nutrient dense food as the key to bringing your body into balance, and giving you the energy you need to take care of everyone else.



The effects of being in a constant state of stress has on our bodies are:

  • Shuts down your metabolism

  • All the energy needed from your gut to digest food gets redirected to your limbs and stops digestion

  • You no longer absorb nutrients, becoming nutrient deficient

  • Increased cortisol production is directly associated with weight gain especially in the belly area

  • Your inability to lose weight or gain muscle

  • Pre-mature aging occurs due to decreased nutrition absorption

Colton touched on how processing and dealing with your internal stressors will dramatically increase your physical body's appearance, and ability to shift into a healthier state of being. As women there can be a tendency to bottle it all up and look happy, when we have turmoil and distress going on inside. As we give ourselves permission to understand our emotions, what they mean, and what to do with them we directly pattern these healthy behaviors for our children to mirror. 


Well-being is all encompassing: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. We can't just focus on healthy food or exercise and expect to be whole. It is all interlinked.


Colton completed our interview with a beautiful statement by Hippocrates “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”. I did some reading after this interview and also found another quote by Hippocrates to be quite true when looking at medicine from a more holistic point of view “Wherever the art of Medicine is loved, there is also a love of Humanity. ”


Colton Fortner 



  • Certified Life Coach, Health Coach Institute based in San Diego

  • Personal Training Certified through Canfitpro

  • Personal Trainer for 12 years

  • Has worked with numerous power lifters, body builders, personal trainers, and physiotherapists

  • Has done extensive research in nutrition, movements of the body, body composition and functionality, optimal health, etc

  • His niche is working with individuals in their 20-30's with various problems with health and nutrition.

  • He is expanding to help middle-age business professionals

  • He is partnering up with midwives to assist them in maternal health, optimal fetus development, and early childhood development


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