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The Goods

To me, wellness is shining beautifully both inside and out. It is health and vitality mentally, emotionally and physically. 


It is showing up in the world as your best self each and every day. It is letting your outside image be a direct reflection of the person you truly are inside.


It is using products that help your body rejuvenate and be strong at a cellular level so you can live a vibrant and long life.

I have been in the beauty industry for 20 years and the wellness industry over the last 3 years and have personally tried a lot of different products, read a lot of books, and have gathered my top picks for you!


Every product here I personally use and have been part of my own personal healing journey!

The Principality Life Product Guide

Links to my must have books, videos, apps, and supplements for mental and emotional wellbeing.

Hanging Books

My favorite health and beauty products that create and maintain youth and vitality inside and out!


I am 39 years old and constantly have people think I am 10-15 years younger because of these very products.


I live a life of strength and vitality despite having Lymes, Fibromyalgia, and Lupus.

No one would even know I was ill because of these health supplements, resources and applied coaching skills. 

Elegance  is when the Inside is as Beautiful as the Outside