Teen Link ® is the only serotonin supplement specifically formulated for the active teen's brain.


Teens do have it tougher--adolescent is a period marked by hormonal fluctuations and other growth processes that affect their moods, energy, concentration and focus. As such, their stressors may often activate volatile moods and intense tension; recent research has shown that teens have low serotonin levels. 


Teen Link is the only specific formula that can increase serotonin naturally to address the needs of the active teen’s brain. Neurotransmitters in Teen Link like tyrosine benefits by uplifting mood and decreasing anger and aggression.

Teen Link is natural, safe help for teens.

Teen Link mood support ingredients include:

  • 5-HTP - a 5 HTP supplement elevates serotonin production in the brain. Serotonin is a key neurotransmitter that supports focus, uplifts mood, reduces aggression and sugar/carbohydrate cravings while supporting sleep.†
  • Tyrosine - the stress and mood amino acid and the precursor to dopamine and norepinephrine
  • GABA - calms and reduces stress/anxiety.†
  • Glutamine - supports concentration and memory as it mediates stress and lessens alcohol craving†
  • Taurine - supports normal nerve transmission†
  • B6 - a required cofactor needed to activate any amino acid†
  • Teen Link was formulated by Dr. Billie Sahley specifically for the demanding teen brain.
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Teen Link


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