Keep Your Brain Running on All Cylinders


Every biochemical reaction in your body is regulated by neurotransmitters—that derive from amino acids; the chemical language of the brain.


If you feel depleted mentally and physically, your neurotransmitters may be in low supply. Neurotransmitters get used up quickly so you want to ensure you have a healthy supply, and Super Balanced Neurotransmitter Complex ® supplies the amino acids the brain needs every day. This product helps with focus, and memory for those suffering from PTSD, trauma, age or ADHD.


Brain Supplements Increase Neurotransmitters

SBNC provides 13 amino acids that help balance you emotionally for more stable moods.†

SBNC is a natural supplement that provides a constant supply of neurotransmitters to fight stress, helping your brain function at peak performance.†

SBNC is excellent for children, teens and adults.


CAUTION: DO NOT USE if you have PKU, taking MAO or tricyclic antidepressants, or if you have a history of melanoma. Cancer patients should avoid taking L-phenylalanine (LP) and Tyrosine. These amino acids fuel certain cancer growths such as a melanoma. Tyrosine or LP supplementation may increase or normalize blood pressure. Insomnia from over stimulation may result if LP or Tyrosine are taken too close to bedtime.


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Super Balanced Neurotransmitter Complex (SBNC)


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