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It Takes Great Courage to Share with Others!
This is a sacred space where beautiful souls share what their life coaching journey with me was like, while also celebrating their success!

Please take a moment to share in some of my amazing tribe's celebration of their coaching journey.


They have courageously chosen to make themselves vulnerable and to share their transformation with you in the hopes that you are inspired to invest in your healing too. They wanted to show that others can be encouraged knowing they are not alone and to break down the stigma's around getting support and assistance with life's many challenges with professional help.


You don't have to be "broken" or struggling with mental illness to need coaching: it may be that you just need some direction, a sounding board, help breaking down barriers, and some positive support.


Everyone can benefit from life coaching in their lives! Many of the most successful people in business and the world have mentor coaches; even Micheal Jordan has a meditation/mentor coach!


I have some clients who wanted to share their experience, but to maintain safety for themselves or their partner's privacy have opted to share using an alias or only part of their name.


I have the deepest respect for the bravery of these individuals to come out of the shadows and shine!

Katrina-Jane Witham

It has been transformative not only for me, but for my relationship, and my family.


One session with Amara helped me achieve this!"

Janelle Wright

"I feel fulfilled in all aspects of my life. It's so weird that I feel complete and whole in such a short amount of time. I had no idea why I felt so incomplete. I have been chasing the answer my whole life with no lasting solutions. In my very first session, I realized why and was exactly what helped me towards the path to becoming whole.  I couldn't have changed without that understanding!

Victoria Russell

"There was one time throughout the series, where Amara really held space for me to live with a scary and unbelievable thought. She gently nudged me towards the notion that there was another way, another path that was possible. I needed to know that I could survive it emotionally, and even before that, I needed to realize that it was an emotional issue in the first place."

As their Life Coach, I have been honored to partner with these phenomenal fellow warriors"....  


  • I have seen them become whole from the inside out in a very short length of time.


  • I have seen them ignite with a passion for life again.


  • I have seen them transform into bold, strong, confident women who are now equipped to take life’s challenges in stride.  


  • I have seen my clients rise up and break the vicious cycle of blaming, criticism, self‐loathing, and destructive behaviors.


  • I have been able to cheer them on when they did not have encouragement in any other area of their lives.  


  • I have then seen them become their very own cheerleaders, no longer dependent on others for validation, self‐esteem, and value.

Butterfly Kisses

I can honestly say that before my coaching series I really lacked self-love. As a matter of fact, I couldn't even say that I loved myself because honestly, I didn't! I felt that my life was spinning out of control and that I actually had no control over it. I felt that the novel to my life was already written by those who had determined my worth from the day I was born.

Now I feel unstoppable and that I deserve love especially from my self. I didn't realize that I was so brave and strong. Other people who cannot be positive about who I am do not deserve to write my novel or draw the pictures. They don't have power over me anymore. I'm the Author..... it's my book to write!

Rachel Rasmussen

Coaching is a great tool for guided insight. Amara used my own deductive reasoning to bring me to my own conclusions, using MY intuition.


Amara, you are willing to let the answers grow organically, weeding away the negativity and stress and lies. My head feels very calm these days- only growing thoughts I remember planting.


After working with you I feel empowered, I feel more confident both as an individual person, a mother, a professional, and a wife.


You were the most caring, genuine, intentional, prepared, person I have ever worked with. I loved that not only my daughter was in amazing hands, but that I had the assurance that when I picked her up, she would feel more valued and loved than she did before bringing her to see you. Your love for people is so evident and so life-changing, that I wish that everybody could experience this journey with you!


"Before my coaching series, I felt stuck. and now I feel excited about what I am capable of doing.


Honestly, I felt so comfortable with you! You are non-judgmental, very easy to be open and honest with, someone I felt safe with to explore the ugliness in my life. I appreciated that my accomplishments were cheered on by you, we were a team!


You made me feel like I mattered to you, that my healing was important to you as well. You made me feel proud of my accomplishments. I felt so much more positive and motivated!

Is there something not going right in your life?


What needs changing?


What would you want to be different in your personal life, relationship, career or within yourself?


Do you know how to change it?


I would love to offer you a complimentary session to help you look into these questions and together build a roadmap to achieving them! 




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