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“Being a life coach is about supporting people to make meaningful change in their lives. Change that inspires people to follow their dream career path, improve their health and well-being, release their fears and embrace their creativity, spirituality and highest self, improve their self-confidence and self‐love, and become the person they most want to be.”


It is helping individuals move from where they are to where they want to be in their lives through goals, action steps, tools and strategies! It is very action oriented and self-empowering.





Coaching draws on a number of disciplines including psychology, sociology, social work, personal development, and career development to empower you to create change in your life. The Beautiful You Life Coaching methodology was crafted and perfected by academy founder and internationally acclaimed life coach Julie Parker. It is absolutely powerful, proven, and transformative.


Life coaching takes you from where you are to where you want to be. It does not dwell on the past. It does not address mental illness. It acknowledges significant life events, but moves through them and focuses on the life you want to create today, aligned with your greatest passions, hopes, dreams, and desires.


COUNSELLING is the right fit for you if you struggle with mental illness, need to process your past story and have a place to go into great detail about it. It is a good fit for you if you need to process your family of origin, or are immediately fresh in trauma or a traumatic situation. If this is the place you need to start before seeing me for coaching I  can make recommendations to you.



Set Heart Centered Goals


At the beginning of a series, we discover and set truly heart‐centered goals, then during each of our bi-weekly session we set clear actions in which you work on over the next two weeks.

As your coach, I provide expert, structured support every step of the way, encouraging, empowering, and nurturing you on your journey.



The greatest gift you can give to this world is to show up every day and lovingly invest in yourself.


When you invest in yourself, take courage and know that your investment is set to multiply and have a direct positive impact on the ones you love. My heart’s greatest desire is to see you shine from the inside out.

As A Coach

It is my job to be your number-one cheerleader.


In a coaching series, email support between session is available to you as part of working with me so that you aren't left to work through your journey alone until we meet again. You will have access to resources and workbooks as added support.

I will support, celebrate, encourage and guide you on your journey. With my support and guidance, you will awaken your inner self, listen to your inner truth, and live the life for which you have always deserved.

I am there with you every step of the way, lovingly guiding you, holding you accountable to your highest self, empowering you with effective, feeling-based goals and action steps that keep you moving forward so you that you can rise up and rule your kingdom sooner than you thought!

6-12 Sessions Series over 3-6 Months


In reality, one-off sessions alone do not allow for real change and lasting results. Because I want you to truly succeed, series are organized into groups of 6 sessions conducted bi-weekly over three months.


This model provides the format to create inspiring goals, and the action steps towards accomplishing them. Each series completes with a vision for the future and a celebration of your success.



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