The Majesty  Within...

My Story

"I believe that deep inside each of us is a knowing, our path, our lessons to be learned; our truth.

When we are young we instinctively live from this

part of ourselves. 

Life gets hard, beats us up, and we hold onto faulty

self-beliefs others spew at us. Somewhere along the line, some of us forget to hold onto that precious part of who we are. 

It's when we learn to hone into our whole selves, our truth, that we can truly live the lives we desire."


I have always loved fairy tales. I have come to realize that each of us lives our own story. Even though we can't always control all of our story's elements, we have the power to choose our outcomes by how we handle adversity. In every fairy tale, there is a hero, and an adversity that the hero must over come. As the hero battles along, they find their true self... and THEN comes the happy ending. 


Some of us are truth tellers, some are warriors, some creators, some musicians, some healers, some builders. Only you know the heart of who you are, and when you discover it you will fly!


Just like you, life knocked me off my 'throne'.


When I say, "I've been there, I get it", I mean it!


I am here to support individuals who have recovered from toxic relationships, to help them move through their heartbreak, overcome negative self-belief, rediscover themselves, and be empowered so they can SHINE once more.


If I am going to ask you to be vulnerable and real with me, I need to be the same with you. These experiences are the inspiration for my life coaching approach and brought me to you today; my why...

Once Upon a


I was a little girl who knew the essence of who I was … I even had a royal last name- “Prince”.


I sparkled from the inside out. I had such big dreams and hopes for the future and was filled with innocence. I loved to play dress-up in dresses that were way too big for me, to clunk around in my mom's high heels and play 'princess' with my sisters and friends. We had a glorious grove of trees in our backyard  that had an open space in the middle. It was our enchanted forest hideaway where we played our fairy tale games. 


There was a moment in time, during my first year of school, when I recalled just how deeply my  

 self- knowing was.


At school I was painfully shy. Teachers would say my name incorrectly and I would not even correct them. In fact, my classmates would do it for me. But I knew who I was deep down inside so it never bothered me.


One day a boy teased me about my last name being 'Prince' and told me it meant that I was really a boy.


I remember it as if it were yesterday. At that moment, something welled up deep inside and I defiantly replied back: “I am a Princess!”


He teased me again, saying I WAS NOT a princess.


Again from deep inside, I felt an unusual fire and passion well up, one I had never felt before. My Inner 'Warrior Princess' roared back at him: “I AM A PRINCESS AND THAT'S JUST THE WAY IT IS!"


Stunned by the fact that the girl who barely spoke had just ROARED like a regal lion and defended her 'throne', he walked away and never bothered me again.



You could say my name wrong, or even call me a boy, but you didn’t dare tell me that I was not a princess! It was a knowing, a deep truth that could not be smothered. I actually startled myself with the inner power and warriorism that had come roaring out of the soft-spoken girl I was. Then I was proud of myself for not letting that boy tear me down, to treat me poorly. 


When I refer to being a princess, I do not mean I thought I was actually a Princess; I simply mean a knowing deep inside I was inherently full of grace, integrity, kindness, and generosity. That my life path is to be a defender of inner truth, of goodness, of agency, of a person's right to be treated with dignity and respect.


The  Fall  


 My '  Throne'...

​The beginning of this 'Warrior Princess’ adult story started like any girl’s dream come true. I found my prince (or so it seemed) and married young.


Immediately, the effects of addictive behaviours and an unhealthy relationship grew by the day.


I welcomed my sweet babies into this world, hoping that if I kept trying, things would improve.


Then came the unveiling. A betrayal I could never have imagined became my reality when I realized I was the wife of a partner who hid betrayal and addiction on many levels. I suffered the abuse, control, and effects that come with that condition.


It was the beginning of my downward spiral. The reality of my own toxic behaviour of pleasing others for acceptance emerged. It wasn’t long before I lost sight of who I was, putting my kids and my husband over myself. I became SO lost, twisting myself into a pretzel trying to be skinnier, prettier, funnier, cleaner and a better cook. I was trying to 'be enough', to fill an addiction void that I could never fill within myself or my partner.

I had no idea how hopeless a pursuit it was. I struggled alone for SO long, trying to fix something that wasn't mine to fix.

I had been torn down from my 'throne'. I lost all sense of strength, identity, courage, hope, and faith. I didn't know how to get back up and I felt so lost and broken. I had lost that shining light within and the strength of my 'Warrior Princess'. I had no idea what devastation, loss, and grief I would feel due to the broken hopes and dreams that my deteriorating marriage represented.


Then the day came when I hit absolute rock bottom, sobbing so long and hard, laying face down on the floor. I reached a point where I couldn't even cry anymore. I felt that I couldn't live another moment, take another breath, endure another second.


I could not have gotten up if I had tried. I wanted to just give up and I had no idea how long I had

laid there.



My 'Tiara'...

It was at that moment that something sparked inside me! Deep Inside,  I felt that same fire I had experienced as a little girl. An inner strength demanded:








One second at a time, one breath at a time, one moment at a time, one step at a time, one day at a time, I got up.


I mustered the strength I had forgotten existed, and began to fight for my life. For my identity, my freedom, my rights, my dignity, my future, and, most importantly, for my children's future.

My journey to self-actualization began that day.


It was time for the majesty within, my 'Warrior Princess', to get back up on her 'throne', dust off her 'tiara', stand up for who she was, and rule her life, her 'kingdom', once again!



' Princess'

It was not easy. I struggled to find support and resources to help me rebuild. I tried EVERYTHING!  I searched EVERYWHERE! At times I felt so alone and frustrated.


I fumbled along the way, going from extreme passive mode to extreme fight mode. I was determined that I would never be 'taken out' again. Sometimes my PTSD (I prefer to call it 'warriorism') ruled me, rather than me ruling it!



It took time, patience, practice, and self-care to heal and get my bearings.

I'll be honest... there are still moments when I must work to rein in the 'warriorism'. But it's easier.


I became educated in the abuse cycle, co-dependency, enmeshment, healthy attachment, PTSD, addiction and how it affects the brain. I finally understood how addiction is just numbing pain, stress, and, especially, a lack of self-love. It's a way of trying to fill the unquenchable void that comes when one forgets who they are- their inner truth. It gave me compassion for those suffering with addiction. For my former spouse. It gave me the ability to forgive. I started to see my own addictions to outside validation, perfectionism and food for comfort.


Gradually I re‐discovered my 'Warrior Princess', the girl I had instinctively known and so courageously stood up for when I was young.


I had forgotten how to let my vibrant, glorious, strong, and courageous inner self shine and resonate to the outside.


While I slowly got stronger, there was a distinct turning point.


During my search I encountered a life coach and it changed my life! I learnt how to see my inner self; my true self. To listen to and take action from that place of TRUTH. I was taught how to combat negative thinking patterns and stop trauma in its tracks!


I discovered that my life is my own little 'Kingdom', my own 'Principality' that I am in charge of!

I worked hard to own my struggles, and my need to please. I learnt to let go of control, to turn inward, and to not only listen to what I already knew needed to be done in my life, but to take action. I discovered healthy boundaries. I learnt to be heard and how to take good care of myself.



Ever After...

When I decided to rule my domain, I truly sparkled once more! It was not long after I finally reclaimed my 'throne', rebuilding and re‐igniting my sparkle that I started on this path to becoming a life coach.

Not only that, this 'Warrior Princess' is SO incredibly proud of her children, who are also stronger than ever. Just like their mama, they sparkle with inner confidence because they survived and now thrive. 

Life is no magical fairy tale. It's still full of challenges and trials. Just new ones. Life has been full of ups and downs.


But today life is easier because I learnt to turn my past pain, into personal power. We have had so many beautiful, fulfilling moments together. I have learned how to build healthy boundaries, and I now experience healthy relationships. I have learnt how to JUST BE.

I am armed with strength and my inner truth. I know who I AM and I am the master designer of my happiness. I am not dependent on other people to create it for me. NO ONE will knock this 'Warrior Princess' off her 'throne' again!

The End?


No, it's just the beginning of my Happy Ever After!

What  Does this Mean for You ?

Principality Life Coaching was born from my story. I was reminded of that moment in time when a little girl's warrior heart stood up for itself. How I was so full of joy and confidence and knew my path. How I re-discovered that part of myself again, finally healing my lost and broken heart. This rememberance, combined with my last name, 'Prince',  is what brought about the name and concept of 'Principality'.


After my transformation, I pursued a career in life coaching with the internationally acclaimed

Beautiful You Coaching Academy.

Having recovered from my own personal trauma and toxic relationships, following years of research, education, and resourcing, I now hold the keys to empower other others specifically in this area.


I can help you, during your recovery from heartbreak, betrayal, abuse, and toxic relationships, rise up out of the ashes and become the bright, shining star you once were, filled with hope and self-belief.


Through Principality Life Coaching, I have been honoured to witness transformation in my clients. I have seen them start our time together feeling lost, defeated, unseen and unheard – having lost their inner sparkle.

But after...

  • sharing our sacred space

  • taking a moment to “just be”

  • becoming equipped with powerful, transformative Principality Life Coaching

  • engaging with my personal resources related specifically to toxic relationships, trauma, grief and loss

...the essence of who they are ignites within them. 

When they first discover this inner sparkle, it magnifies and then shines!

By the end of our time together, my clients are radiant, glowing with self-confidence. They have broken the shackles of the past and are filled with renewed self-love and direction towards their destinies. They have awakened the majesty within and they rule over their Principality.

I Believe

You Owe Yourself

The Love That You So Freely Give to Others...

 Take my hand and let's discover 
where the heart of who you truly are leads you...
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