60 minute



So you can feel confident investing
 in your future!

Do You Need a Professional and Don't Know Where To Start?


I have been there,
Done that!


I get it…

It can be a scary thing to contact someone you don’t know and trust them with
your heart and your story…


When I was going through my healing journey many years ago I went through several costly consultations and counsellors before finally finding the life coach who was the perfect fit for me and finally changed my life!


This process cost me thousands of dollars I really didn't have to spare just going through the sifting out process. This is why I honor your story, your time, and your money by giving you a complimentary session to feel things out before dropping a time.

It can be a big leap to finally decide your happiness and well-being are worth investing in.

I have been in your shoes, and I have learnt firsthand what works and what doesn’t. My life experiences, specialized training, and individual attention are here for you.

I am here to serve you in the capacity you feel best and comfortable with.

My gift to you is a Complimentary self-discovery questionnaire + 60-minute session



Upon the completion of your complimentary session, with you feeling safe and secure, you will then have the option to choose a coaching series with me that will be customized just for you.


There is no pressure to work with me further. You must follow your heart!

Principality Life Coaching


Currently, all sessions are held via Cliniko's Professional and Secure Video Conference Platform.

By appointment only.


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